About Refuge Janitorial

Our Philosophy

At Refuge Janitorial, we see facility care as more than a service, it’s an extension of hospitality. We don’t want to just clean your space with excellence, we want your office to run with excellence. We look from floor to ceiling. We see what you’ve gotten used to and take steps to make it better. That stain on the floor you’ve stepped over many times, that light that’s out until you get around to buying a bulb, that ceiling tile with the water stain on it, that baseboard which is slowly peeling away from the wall. That thing that you just don’t have time to deal with, we can help.

Our Approach

How do we deliver in an industry which is traditionally considered as employing low skilled people with high overturn? Simple, we honor our employees by paying them well and giving them opportunities to be empowered and expand themselves. Our employees are our business partners and we want them to be successful. We want our employees to own their lives not just work at a job. Employees at Refuge Janitorial have the opportunity to take classes through ACC and we’d like to see them carrying this company and their franchises all over the city and state one day.

About Our Founder

David “Dave” Allen graduated High School wanting to do nothing more than manage restaurants. 15 years later, he left the industry tired but with a passion for service, hospitality, and development. He decided to take a year off and think through next steps which included going back to school.
During that time, David’s church had just finished¬† the build out of its facility and needed someone to come in and run the building. It was 25 hours a week of primarily janitorial work. He and his churches assumption was that this was going to be a fill in gap job between careers.
It turned out that he loved what he was doing! 11 years later he still cares for that facility and many others, with joy and passion for the people who work in and visit his buildings.
David’s 15 years of managing restaurants and 11 years in facilities management give him a unique perspective that most others don’t have. In Davids words “I don’t just see a building as a job. I see the people who come to at times the only place that makes sense to them, their work. Their Refuge.”